gmc won't configure (tonight's cvs)


I've just built most of the packages from cvs, and thought I should
let gmc have another go. However, when I run (after having
edited macros/ to make aclocal look in the right directory),
it stops when trying to configure:

checking for sysconf... yes
checking for pw_encrypt in -lshadow... no
./configure: syntax error near unexpected token `;,'
./configure: ./configure: line 2620: `AC_TRY_WARNINGS(#include
<crypt.h>, char *p = crypt("xxx", "yyy");,'
[root@bug mc]# 

Any clues on this one? I have been able to compile 4.5.9 before, with
the patch for the tree_store-thingie, but it didn't work at all

Again, thanks in advance,

Lars Erik

Lars Erik Kolden
+47 22 18 71 79
+47 22 02 53 18

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