Re: Stabilizing the development releases.

Mohammad Abdin wrote:
> Could we try to stabilize the development releases to 0.99.5 -
> Currently we have different versions of different packages floating
> around there. Theres like control-center - theres gnome-
> core-0.99.4 now, there are some packages still at 0.99.2 etc etc.
> Could we try to bring all the packages up to 0.99.5 (the ones who
> use this numbering scheme) before releasing a 0.99.6 release.
> Could we also aim for RPMs of them before releasing 0.99.6?

I don't think it's important to "stabilize" the packages right now. The
problem is that the whoel damn thing isn't stable yet, although some
parts may be more than others. Development isn't going at the same speed
so you shouldn't push it by just increasing the version number.

> Currently my esd, when run, consumes
> 27% of my CPU power when just IDLE

I'm using 0.99.1 Gnome RPMS and when I start up esd, it doesn't get in
my top 40 CPU time eating processes.

Wing Tung

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