ANNOUNCE: Dia 0.30


it's been a long time since the last version, so i feel it's time
for a new release of Dia. Quite a bit has changed since the last
version, and now i feel that it's stable and featurefull enough for a
new major release.

News in version 0.30: 

* Dia now has a layer system, much like the GIMP.
* The fileformat changed from my own binary format to an easily readable
  XML format. Needs gnome-xml (libxml) 0.99.3.
* New objects for Entity-Relationship modeling.
* New objects for UML and networking diagrams.
* Much better properties dialogs for most objects.
* Postscript output fixed, should work better now.
* Updated to use Gtk 1.1.x features, needs gtk 1.1.13.
* New features: Align objects, command line loading, etc.
* Internal updates.
* Lots of bugfixes and cleanups.

Dia can be found at:

The latest release is at:

/ Alex

Ps. If you're interested in Dia, subscribe to the mailing list by
sending a mail to with the word
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