Stabilizing the development releases.

Could we try to stabilize the development releases to 0.99.5 - 
Currently we have different versions of different packages floating 
around there. Theres like control-center - theres gnome-
core-0.99.4 now, there are some packages still at 0.99.2 etc etc. 
Could we try to bring all the packages up to 0.99.5 (the ones who 
use this numbering scheme) before releasing a 0.99.6 release. 
Could we also aim for RPMs of them before releasing 0.99.6?
One final thing, could we also get a "snapshot" of all the supporting 
libraries (i.e. esd, audiofile, enlightenment, etc) that correspond 
with the 0.99.5 release? Currently my esd, when run, consumes 
27% of my CPU power when just IDLE

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