gnomecc builds but won't run

I'm trying to build GNOME.  I've been getting tarballs from, and I refreshed them just yesterday; that's about as
bleeding-edge as I care to get, so don't bother trying to get me to use
CVS unless it's the only sane way to fix this problem.

Anyway, I cannot get the control center to run.  It builds fine, but
when I try to run gnomecc, it says:

control-center/gnomecc: error in loading shared libraries
/usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: \

(Yes, that's an artificial line break above, to make my mailer happy.)

I've completely rebuilt ORBit, as well as gnome-libs, gtk+ and glib,
from current tarballs of each.  (ORBit 0.3.91, gnome-libs 0.99.4, and
1.1.13 of gtk and glib.)  I've even gone so far as to nuke things like
libORB* from /usr/local/lib before I "make install" each package, to
make sure I've only got the current stuff installed there.  And, I
religiously "ldconfig" after install each library.

I'm running RedHat Linux 5.2 with kernel 2.2.0-pre7.  I'm building all
this with gcc (should I be using egcs?), and lots of current
libraries.  It's very possible that some slightly older stuff is still
hanging around the machine, despite my best efforts to remove it.  I'm
guessing this because how else could gnomecc link with an external
symbol that it can't later find?  This symbol _must_ exist somewhere, or
it wouldn't even compile, much less link.

Everything else seems to run okay, so far as I can tell.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

= Warren --
= ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m
= Calm down.  It's only ones and zeros.

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