Hi there...
I just compiled a CVS gnome, so here are some bugs:

* The theme selector applet doesn't find my themes. I'm using rpms of
gtk and glib 1.1.13, and cvs gtkengines.
The gtkengine path is in my ld_library_path

*The theme selector applet gives a 'quit unexpectedly' warning from the
session manager if you click cancel

*The background configuration area for the enlightenment capplet is
disabled. This sucks, I want to change my background.

*I can set sounds in the sound configuration, but they refuse to 'stay
set'. The next time I open the dialog they are gone.

*Why does enlightenment have all these submenus, when all they do is
point to the same capplet?

* Why are the session manager properties seperate from the control

* Why can't I change the font in the help browser?

* Why can't I change the font in other places, like the panel?

* Can the panel be silenced? I don't want it to make debug spew, and
I don't want to be forced to redirect it to /dev/null...

* I can't move the volume slider in the mixer panel applet.

* The 'bus sign' and 'gticker' applets dont load.

* The panel stops responding while slashapp is loading headlines. It
resumes once the headlines are loaded.

* How do I *use* the character picker? I can click on the characters,
but how do I do anything with them?

* What determines whether enlightenment minimizes applets into the panel
(gnome-pager applet) or not? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't,
seemingly depending on voodoo magic. I'd like it to always minimize my
apps into the panel.


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