Re: autoconf on cvs-sources of gtkicq

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Sean Christopher Rhea wrote:
> The problem is that autoconf can't figure out what to do with AM_PATH_ESD,
> then when configure gets run, it's not complete, so you get the config.h
> error.  I have no idea what AM_PATH_ESD is, but if you hack
> so that it just fails to look for it and set have_esd, it will work, but
> without sound.  Maybe someone else knows what AM_PATH_ESD is all about, or
> why it's not being found.

This problem occurs b/c aclocal (run from is not finding
esd.m4, the esound daemon's autoconf macro.  You either: don't have esd,
or don't have esd installed correctly, or don't have esd installed in
the same $prefix as aclocal itself. 

Remeber that compiling from CVS is very different from compiling a
tarball.  You are need to have installed _all_ of the tools and
libraries used by the developers. 


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