Re: gtkicq not working with "thin ice" gtk theme?

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Jeremy Wise wrote:
> About 2 minutes before the date/time on this email, a number of fixes were
> committed to the CVS version of GtkICQ.  These should take care of the
> problems with the applet, along with a few other things.  The only problem
> I haven't yet figured out is why the panel isn't updating properly.  When
> the labels are changed from one thing to another, the old label should be
> erased and the new one written.  As it stands now, the old text is left
> there, and the new one is just added, creating a garbled up mess.  Perhaps
> a Gtk guru could tell me what I've done wrong, or perhaps if it's a Gtk
> bug.


yeah... it seems the panel is quite tricky :) sometimes it likes to not
load applets, etc. hehe :)

note to everyone. I've found something interesting about the
titlemenu/popupmenu crash (seg-fault on menu) thing.. It seems GtkICQ
works 100%, even though it uses Gnome.. Now it's not part of the Gnome
distribution, but neither is X-Chat, which I just compiled, and it also
bombs on menus.

I'm wondering if it could be maybe some Gnome features that X-Chat
includes that GtkICQ doesn't? it seems that every Gnome app (control
center, x-chat, gmix, menu editor, gnome mines, etc.) does this when you
open windows.. It also happens to someone else, at least for Gnome Control
Center. don't reckon he's tried loading other apps.

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