Re: Rsync, CVSup, etc [was: Unidentified subject!]

> Umm... my experience with the anonymous CVSup on KDE has been
> less than happy (though I believe there's a mirror which is faster).
> Much of the time the thing would hang for an hour and then
> timeout. However, I was just following the instructions on
> the KDE website and trying to update the whole thing in one
> go. Maybe I should try it one package at a time...

We've been using CVSup on the PostgreSQL project for the last year or
more and it has worked great for us. Much less bandwidth than tarballs
or anonymous cvs, and you get a full local copy of the cvs tree.

We have a bunch of binaries for cvsup on various platforms posted at

if anyone finds that useful.


                        - Tom

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