Re: Rsync, CVSup, etc [was: Unidentified subject!]

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999 20:10:42 Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I don't think nightly snapshots (aka "downloading the whole kaboom") are
> > bandwidth efficient or convenient. rsync is more efficient for sure, but you
> > would have to keep the CVS repository as well as your local checkout on disk.
> OpenBSD and KDE use something like CVSUP and a mail protocol for
> distributing CVS changes.  It seems to work nicely.
> Perhaps this could be researched.  Anyone can look into this?

Umm... my experience with the anonymous CVSup on KDE has been
less than happy (though I believe there's a mirror which is faster).
Much of the time the thing would hang for an hour and then
timeout. However, I was just following the instructions on
the KDE website and trying to update the whole thing in one
go. Maybe I should try it one package at a time...

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