Re: segfaults with everything

Strange.. I removed the 0.99.2 rpms i installed as a test, compiled ORBit,
gnome-libs, balsa, and control-center.  Now gnomecc starts, but when balsa
does, it states it cant locate the .balsarc, so I go through w/
configuration, and when it prompts for the paths, it says:

Outbox:	?@/.orbitrc/Mail/outbox

Trash Path:	?@/.orbitrc/Mail/trash

for the paths.

If I change them to appropriate paths, when I hit finish, it states:

config_save: Error writing config file ?@/.orbitrc/.balsarc!
config_save: Error writing config file ?@/.orbitrc/.balsarc!
config_save: Error writing config file ?@/.orbitrc/.balsarc!
config_save: Error writing config file ?@/.orbitrc/.balsarc!

in the term.

If go through w/ the default settings in the entries, it creates a


and if balsa is closed and restarted a window never appears.

In the ???@/.balsarc is:

Name = Outbox;Path = "\036\021?@/.orbitrc/Mail/outbox";
Trash = {Type = local;Name = Trash;Path ="\036\021?@/.orbitrc/Mail/trash";

LocalMailDir = "\036\021?@/.orbitrc/Mail";
SignaturePath = "\036\021?@/.orbitrc/.signature";

for the paths.

I'm compiling gnome-core now to see if it does any strange behavior.. any
clues on this?  I've tried updating my cvs repos.. and recompiling, and
all turns up the same, only the strange directory name changes a little..
its been  "A?", "A-@", "???A-@", and this one "@?".

got me.. :(


On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > I know this is getting tiring of seeing.. but I'm just sayin "still
> > segfaulting" with everything.  I updated my cvs, recompiled from clean,
> > installed clean, and panel, gnomecc, balsa, etc.. still segfaults on start
> > w/ the same output in the end of each, nothing but a core.  I strace and
> > bt'd a few, and got simliar/same results, so here is the end of an strace:
> Can you put a breakpoint in "open" and tell us when open gets invoked
> with the garbage strings?  And send up perhaps a good stack trace and
> debugging information about how this happens?
> miguel.
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