Re: gnome-lib woes

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Buch, Bill wrote:
> Which would be better to do.
> Get libdb version 2.6.4 and compile that
> or
> Get the newer version of libc which comes with a libdb.

I'm not sure what libc's libdb is, but sleepycat's version
( is the "real" Berkeley DB.  There was even
some discussion on gnome-list about incorporating (or requiring) db 2.x
into GNOME.

> If the first route is better, how do I create a shared library.  Doing a
> make only makes the static library.  So I compile everything fine, but when
> i run gnome-gen-mimedb, it cannot find the shared library

That doesn't make much sense; you might have a stale libdb lying around


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