Problems with gnome-libs compile...

     Hi all
     Hope this isn't too basic a problem, I have attempted to read docs 
     before posting :)
     My compile of gnome-libs 0.99.2 from tarball fails with this error
     gnome_sound.c31:esd.h : no such file
     I have esound 0.2.7 installed in /opt/esound and have added 
     /opt/esound/lib to my /etc/ and /opt/esound/bin to my path 
     in my profile - esd.h is sitting in the include directory 
     Could someone give me some pointers as what I should check next ?
     Also in what may be a related problem - since upgrading to e 0.15 and 
     esound 0.2.7 enlightenment ( in /opt/e/ ) doesn't play event sounds - 
     I can get the sounds to play using esdplay foo.wav and occasionally I 
     get the sound when clicking the sound on/off toggle button in 
     enlightenment - any ideas ?
     thanks in advance for you help
     Richard Harding
     Building surveyor seeking a toehold in an IT career :)

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