Re: [rms gnu org: Congratulations on GNOME]

Justin Ross wrote:
> >Except, dont use any of the mac logic. (you throw a disk away to get it
> out
> >of the computer, you would think it would delete the contents of the
> disk)
> >:)
> I just want to get this off my chest.  I think the mac's logic does make
> sense.  If you think of the trash bin in the
> more generic sense of 'purge' or 'expel'., then that's exactly what
> happens upon dropping the disk on the trash.
> And, what's more, as much as the logic may seem confusing, users quite
> quickly pick it up.
> I'm not proposing anything.  Just a coupla pennies.

I agree with the original posting.  You don't throw something in the
garbage you want to keep...

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Until later: Geoffrey

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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