Re: (*sigh*) still gnome-lib problems

"Buch, Bill" <> writes:

> Hello all,
> 	Based on past messages, it was recommended to update or re-compile
> the libdb package.  I successfully downloaded, compiled, and installed the
> 1.85.4 version of the library.  After doing that, I compiled
> gnome-libs-0.99.3 successfully, but I STILL get a seg fault when installing.
> Any clues on what is going on?  could someone tell me what other libraries
> and versions might be important for something like this?  Stepping through
> the program, after reading in all the values and after returning the array,
> if I check the stack, it says it cannot read memory from <address>.  Is this
> something more specific to my configuration?
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

 If you're using glibc-2 (libc 6), I'd recommend that you remove libdb 
entirely. Glibc has it's own, which resides in /lib, so as
far as I can tell, the situation is this:

 * ld links gnome-gen-mimedb with, and finds it in /usr/lib

 * ld-linux (the dynamic linker) looks for at runtime, and
   finds it in /lib, with the obvious mismatch ocurring.


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