Re: gnome ... GONE

On 20 Jan, Philippe Moutarlier wrote:
> Well, I updated glib, imlib, gtk, gnome-libs, changed the ctree to clist stuff in gmenu etc..
> but now nothing works (ee dies when loading files, panel segvs ...)
> Here is the backtrace from attempting to start the panel :

> 175       if(sinfo->flags & (GOAD_ACTIVATE_REMOTE|GOAD_ACTIVATE_SHLIB))

The exact same happened here. Make sure that you really get the latest
versions of everything. It works here now... Since the anoncvs servers
are out of sync/not working, you might need to try updating a few times
until you really get the changes. Or probably better from a
load-point-of-view, wait one or two days...

Hope it helps,

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