Re: seems like this would help

On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 03:00:22PM -0500, Brian M Dial wrote:
> It'd be nice if someone would put together a simple page on howto use the
> common debugging tools to get the best bug report for programs in gnome. 
> Nothing as complex as the man pages for gdb or backtrace or anything (that
> would discourage people from reading it <g>)  This would easily cut down the
> mail of  <user> I keep getting segfaults   <developer> send some backtraces 
> <user> here's the backtraces  <developer> that's not what we need, send this
> etc....
> Anyone feel up to the task?

Someone sent me a letter yesterday explaining what I'd been doing wrong
in clear terms (I'd been using the XEmacs instructions for getting a
stack trace which turned out to be more XEmacs specific than I'd realized).

If he'd post that here, we could see if all the tarballistas found the
instructions useful and if the developers then found the stack traces
useful.  There was an earlier letter about what information beyond the
trace needed to go in the bug reports -- combine all and put on the web

Re another post on checking the tarballs: I think all we could expect is
that someone *might* have the time to see if they compiled and installed.
The rest of the debugging is why we're here.

Rebecca Ore
Creativity is playing with the rule sets

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