Re: seems like this would help

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Brian M Dial wrote:

> It'd be nice if someone would put together a simple page on howto use the
> common debugging tools to get the best bug report for programs in gnome. 
> Nothing as complex as the man pages for gdb or backtrace or anything (that
> would discourage people from reading it <g>)  This would easily cut down the
> mail of  <user> I keep getting segfaults   <developer> send some backtraces 
> <user> here's the backtraces  <developer> that's not what we need, send this
> etc....
> Anyone feel up to the task?

Why don't you cull the archives and do it yourself?  The age-old newbie gdb
questions have all been answered several times on the list; just snarf the
archives and `grep gdb` on them.

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