Re: GNOME-SQL version 0.1

> >Looks snazzy,
> What does 'snazzy' mean?

This is what I get when I use american slang. :-)  Basically, I mean it
looks really good.

> I've received a mail from other person who wanted to help with the MySQL
> API, and we've talked about having a look at the current code and at the
> MySQL API each on our own to later on share conclusions, experiences,
> feelings, etc, etc... So if you agree, do the same and we'll talk about it.
> Ok?

If someone is helping out thats great.  I don't think I'll be much of a
help at the moment however.


Sri Ramkrishna         /|\ Unix is very user friendly, its just very picky
email: -|- on who it is friendly to. -- Unknown? 
phone: 503-645-4868    \|/ 

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