Re: Gnome Linux Binaries...

On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 08:22:15PM +1300, Eugene wrote:

> Hey guys,
> 	I am new to this list, so if I ask something that has already been
> answered then feel free to point me in the right direction :)
> I see that there are deb's and rpm's on, but I was wondering
> if anyone has any tar.gz versions anywhere??
> Has anyone here ever tried to compile gnome on a Slackware 3.6 box? Its a
> bloody nightmare :)

  I don't know what you want to call my system but it started out as
Slackware 3.4 but has been upgraded to glibc and 99.9% of the packages
have all been upgraded and recompiled.
  Didn't have any major problems compiling GNOME, didn't have a couple
of the required libs and had to downgrade one (libpng) but other than
that its just been pretty much a matter of keeping current with glib/gtk+
and grabbing the latest sources from one of the mirrors. I use the
tarballs (not the rpm's) from the 'sources' directory, basically just
unpack them, run configure --help, write a little shell script that
runs configure with the options I want, run it, make, make install and
move on to the next package and repeat the process. When its time to
upgrade a package I just copy my script to the new package directory,
check configure for any new options and edit the script if needed and
then run it, make, make install.
  If you're having specific problems, etc. feel free to email me and
I'll see if I can help.  

She's dead Jim...for God's sake, get off !

Mike Hall <>, (MH993)   -
System Administrator (*nix, Perl, CGI hacker, certified OS/2 Specialist)

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