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Quoting Michael K. Johnson (
> Daniel Veillard writes:
> >  I think too that setting up rsync servers on the gnome server could 
> >help a lot bypassing some of the current limitations.
> If rsync is used, it is absolutely critical to set it up NOT to
> calculate md5sums of all files by default; rather, it should check
> only sizes/timestamps/etc.  If it's set up to check everything, it
> will push the load average of the server through the roof quickly.

  In the meantime people interested in using rsync can use the 
mirror on rsync:// to build new

   rsync -az --delete localmirrordir

  should do the trick. No more than twice a day per mirror, please ...
MIT bandwidth is generous, but the server is "only" a K6 :-)


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