RE: Backtrace, GMC chokes on long filenames

> > I have found one bug though. It doesn't handle long filenames very
> > well. Try creating one with the name:
> >
> > files_with_really_long_and_weird_names_make_gmc_choke
> This works just fine on my machine.
> Can you upgrade yoru gnome-libs to the latest version from CVS?

I upgraded now, recompiled gnome-libs and gmc. Still the same problem. But I
had to click around a bit before it happened.

Is there a chance that it could be a bug in glibc? I'm using the glibc from
rawhide (for the rawhide egcs-package). I tried to comment out a free() that
caused the segfault, and then I got a segfault in the pop and push to the
appbar, but it was still in malloc.c. When commenting the pop and push out,
I got a new segfault, still in malloc.c.

Well, I'll wait a few days and upgrade glib, gtk, gnome-libs and gmc. If
it's still there, I'll let you know.


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