keyboard shortcuts (was RE: mini-commander bug)

As to the alt-f2 stuff,
Would it be posible to set up shortcuts in .desktop files?
In windows you can asign ctl-alt-s to run a screen saver, ctl-alt-c for
command, etc.
This would be verry nice in gnome.

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> (George) writes:
> > actually my personal opinion is that applets using handlebox are
> > braindamaged since it adds a whole another area of possible breakage
> Unfortunately I have to agree...
> > is there real use for it??
> Because mini-commander is mainly a text entry it is not possible to
> reduce its width very much.  And when this applet is embedded into a
> vertical panel then the width of the whole panel becomes very large.
> Because of this it is nice to detach this large applet from the panel
> so that the panel can shrink back to its normal size.
> > > yes but is this feature important enough to be causing all these
> problems?
> > > the right solution is to write a floating panel type, so that you can
> > > do the same but sanely (and with any applet) ...
> > > 
> > > This should appear shortly as it is on my todo-list
> Please send a note to me or this list when this done.  I would like to
> use it in mini-commander.
> > yes but if there is no drag off in the mini-commander ... I can just add
> a
> > popup menuitem "Tear off the applet into a new floating panel" or
> something
> > to that effect .... that will be clean, will work correctly etc ... etc
> ...
> > however I dunno when I'll get to adding a floating panel ... hopefully
> > soon, so that we can get rid of the ugly handlebox hacks
> While we are talking about this: I really like the ALT-F2 thing in
> KDE.  When you press these keys a text entry pops up and you enter a
> command and start a program like you can do it in mini-commander.  I'm
> not an expert but I think that it depends on the window manager how
> such a feature has to be implemented.  Or does anyone know a way to do
> this in GNOME independently from the underlying window manager?
> Cheers,
> Oliver
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