Ending a gnome-session kills X clients that are not in the session

Robert Bihlmeyer writes:
 > Hi,
 > I have only an xterm ("first") and scwm running. I start gnome-session
 > from the first xterm - this gives me the panel and another xterm
 > ("second").
 > When I choose "Log out" in the panel to end the gnome-session,
 > sometimes the first xterm is killed, and the second survives.

I have been working recently on getting gnome-session to produce
the right behavior when started from an xterm. I will commit the
code to CVS after a few more checks to make sure that it is ok.

The killing of X11R5 clients that were not started by the X11R6 
session manager is a "feature" of using a smproxy and reflects 
the main bug in the X11R5 SM protocol: it links session membership 
to the screen on which a client is running.

My diagnosis of the problem you are finding is that you are running
a smproxy and this is dying between killing the first xterm and the
second xterm. The smproxy is probably dying because of an io error
on its ICE connection to gnome-session (this would produce a
"ICElib default handler doing an exit()" message from the smproxy).

The io error is probably happening because the current gnome-session
in cvs forcibly closes the ICE connections after sending the SmDie
messages. I have removed this feature in my recent changes as very
few clients handle ICE connection io errors cleanly.


I will shortly be have committing changes to cvs that make the 
gnome-libs work properly with xsm again. These commits are
waiting on the changes in gnome-session because it had a related

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