Re: control-centre-0.99.3 tarball broken?

>From: Martin Baulig <>

>>   x
>> control-center-0.99.3/capplets/screensaver-properties/screensaver-desktops/
>>     Xroger.desktop, 259 bytes, 1 tape blocks
>>   tar: directory checksum error
>You are really sure you downloaded them as binary files ?
>I just checked this on the server machine - a `gzip -t' doesn't give
>me any error there, so the tarball is ok there.

Yup, in so much as I clicked them in Netscape, and I've never had this problem 

Happened from JimPick and about 3 others.  On the other hand, once I used -i, 
the resulting unpack configured and made without error, so maybe it's nothing, 
or a bug in my local tar?

Thanks for checking anyway,

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