Re: gnome-pim-0.99.3 - gnome-pim.spec has wrong version number

Tony Keating <> wrote:

> The gnome-pim.spec in the tarball gnome-pim-0.99.3.tar.gz has the wrong
> version number in it, so an rpm -ta doesn't work unless you change the number.

Hmm.. more that just that. The creation of the rpm fails with something like

File not found: /var/tmp/gnome-pim-root/usr/share/*/*/*
Executing: %doc
..... stuff deleted
Prereqs: /sbin/ldconfig
Requires: gnome-libs ORBit

gnome-utils-0.99.1.tar.gz also fails like this

Tony Keating <>
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland
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