Re: panel errors (It don't start!)

Marshal Wong <> writes:

> I managed to get pretty much everything listed in "compiling GNOME"
> compiled last night/this morning.  That's a first.  But when I tried
> to run panel, I get these errors.  Am I missing something?  What's
> convert?  Any help would be appriceated.
> ----------
> /convert: No such file or directory
> gdk_imlib ERROR: Cannot load image:
> /usr/local/share/pixmaps/tiles/tile-normal-up.png
> All fallbacks failed.

Yes, you've got the wrong version of libpng.  Which is tricky, really.
Where can one get the source for libpng-1.0.1?  (1.0.2 is
unacceptable, for some reason.)

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