Re: libungif and others

Sean Christopher Rhea <> writes:

> I'm trying to install GNOME, since I want to move an app I'm developing to
> it instead of just plain gtk, but I can't find the following packages on
> the ftp server (I use RedHat 5.2 Intel):
>    libungif
>    libPropList
>    gnome-admin
>    ggv
> libungif isn't mentioned in the 0.99 User's Guide, but imlib insists that
> it needs it.  I couldn't get onto the main ftp server, but I did try the

libungif is in any standard RedHat 5.2 distribution - you can get it from

or any of its mirror sites.

gnome-admin and ggv is in

but the tarballs are a little bit older, AFAIK there isn't any tarball of
libPropList at the moment, so you should checkout libPropList, gnome-admin
and ggv from CVS.


> following mirrors:

Well, not yet tried them, but the following ones should be ok:


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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