Re: gnome cvs compiling

I've been seeing the same errors, while running as root.  At first I
thought it was because I switched to 2.2pre7, because the two events
coincided.  Booted into 2.036 and saw the same problem.  

Oddly, enough. I recently switched from SuSE6beta to RH52 to avoid some
minor, but plentiful incompatibilities between SuSE and GNOME.  Two days
have gone by and I still haven't been able to get GNOME to build on RH52.



On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Tri wrote:

> I've been able to compile gnome cvs for months now, all of a sudden all
> the compiles from cvs are failing due to this problem in the
> ./ stage of compiling. This problem does not occur in the
> source tarballs.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> sh-2.01$ ./ --prefix=/opt --with-gtk-prefix=/opt
> warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow
> cross compiling
> ./configure: ./config.log: Permission denied
> Now type 'make' to compile themes
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

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