Volunteer for developement of presentation tools

     Hi all,

 a friend of mine, also at INRIA here in France would be interested in
contributing on the developement of a Gnome multimedia presentation tool.
  He is one of the authors of the W3C standard SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia
Integration Language). SMIL has been used in Real Player G2 to assemble
basic media objects (audio + video + text + images ...) into a multimedia
presentation. SMIL presentations are encoded in XML so I guess the parsing
code from gnome-xml can be reused.
  I remember seeing post on gnome-list or gnome-hackers about the development
of a powerpoint like Gnome tool. I guess that's a good opportunity to
try to get the support for a non-MS standardized format.
  People involved in those projects or interested on the subject are
very welcome to contact him (he's a good coder too !!!).

  E-Mail: Nabil.Layaida@inria.fr
  WWW:    http://www.inrialpes.fr/opera/people/Nabil.Layaida/Welcome.html


	    [Yes, I have moved back to France !]
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