Re: ORBit build on HPUX with patch (take 2)

+----- From: Dan Newcombe <>
| > | + #ifndef _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
| > | + #     define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
| > | + #endif
| > 
| > Please, please, PLEASE make this HP/UX-specific.  These kind of defines tend
| > to make Solaris builds fall over (Solaris *removes* things when it sees them).
| Yikes!!!  I didn't know that solaris used _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
| In fact, on my Sloaris box (2.5) the only header I find that has
| _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED in it is math.h.
| I guess they started using it more in 2.6 or something.

Hm.  You're right in this case, I don't see it at all on 2.5.1.  But I've just
gone through several days of being unable to compile because of _POSIX_foo
etc. defined being thrown around without regard for what various systems do
with it, so I'm being paranoid about such defines.  Not all vendors do sensible
things with them.

(anyone have glibc2 for Solaris?  1/2 :-) )

brandon s. allbery	[os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator	     [WAY too many hats]
electrical and computer engineering					 KF8NH
carnegie mellon university	      ["God, root, what is difference?" -Pitr]

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