Panel hanging and ORBit tests

Hey all,

I'm having a problem where on startup, the panel hangs.  No window is ever displayed.
Stack trace looks like this:

(debug) walk
frame 0, pc poll+12
frame 1, line 1010, scope \connection\giop_main_next_message_2, pc 0x8013f795
frame 2, line 869, scope \giop-msg-buffer\giop_recv_reply_buffer_use_multiple_2, pc 0x801412ff
frame 3, line 916, scope \giop-msg-buffer\giop_recv_reply_buffer_use_2, pc 0x80141465
frame 4, line 696, scope \CosNaming-stubs\CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve, pc 0x800a3474
frame 5, line 1036, scope \goad\goad_server_register, pc 0x801c2669
frame 6, line 713, scope \extern\panel_corba_gtk_init, pc 0x806c84a
frame 7, line 140, scope \main\main, pc 0x805464c
frame 8, pc _start+105

frame 0 used to be blocked in a select() call, so I rebuilt ORBit with
USE_POLL defined to see if that would clear up the problem; it didn't.
Now I'm just hung in a poll() call.

So I've got a couple questions for you ORBit knowledgeable folk.
First, what are these descriptors that it's listening on?  Since both
select() and poll() behave similarly, I'm guessing that that part is
right, it's just that whatever I/O it's expecting isn't happening.  To
track that down, it would be good to know what it's expecting.

Also, ORBit has a "tests" directory.  Not knowing much about ORBit, it's
not immediately obvious to me how these are supposed to be used.  Any 
pointers?  If I'm actually having ORBit troubles, these tests might be
much simpler to debug than panel is.

Platform is DG/UX (an SVR4-like UNIX), my Gnome stuff was built out of
CVS earlier this week.  I'm planning to refresh the sources and try
again, but the CVS checkout is taking its time, so....

Thanks for any assistance,


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