Re: glib & gtk

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Quantum Seep wrote:

> Gotcha!  So if I have glib-1.0 installed, and I want to replace it with
> glib10, how would I go about that?  Should I do a --force to install
> glib10?  Then how do I remove glib-1.0 from the RPM database without
> removing the files?

  $ rpm -Uvh glib-1.1.<whatever>.rpm glib10-1.0.<whatever>.rpm
all on one line should do the trick.  That will remove the old glib,
install the development glib under the "glib" tag in RPM's database, and
reinstall the old glib under the "glib10" tag in RPM's database, so all
programs installed for the old glib still work.

Doing it piecemeal will certainly cause RPM to yell at you, unless you
back out everything depending on glib.

Best of Luck,

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