Re: gnome-terminal

hi again,

i may be completely wrong about this, as i have little experience with
terminfo entries, but he's what happens as i see it. first of all, i run
debian, and i dont think they have a xterm-color entry. this can be verified
by checking /etc/terminfo/x/. 

as far as i can tell, the debian equivelent is xterm-debian. when i start a
plain xterm, and echo $TERM, that is what it is. all colour (forgive me, i'm
australian:) works fine, including ncurses. 

rxvt needed a little tweaking to assume the right terminal settings, but i was
able to do this with something along the lines of this, in ~/.Xdefaults

rxvt.foreground: #FFFFFF
rxvt.background: #333333
rxvt.termname: xterm-debian
rxvt.scrollBar: false
rxvt.font: nouveau-gothic-12
rxvt.fontBold: nouveau-gothic-bold-12

the key resource being termname.

the thing is, this basically just sets TERM when it starts. so if i just start
it normally and change TERM, it still functions the same. whereas, if i load
gnome-terminal, and set TERM, i get pretty much the same - except ncurses
doesn't update the screen, so things pile ontop of each other.

now maybe this is a fault of debian's terminfo entry, but seeing as it appears
to work on both xterm and rxvt, maybe it's a fault of gnome-terminal not
interpreting an escape code or something?

just a thought, anyway.

- damo

all that glitters is not gold...

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