Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Is there any reason to have 2 menus?  I haven't delved into the menu system
> but I think the best way to handle this would be for Gnome to read menu
> entries from both the global directory (<prefix>/share/apps I think) and
> the user directory (~/.gnome/apps), then merge the two, so that you end
> up with one menu hierarchy containing both sets of menus.  Like in Debian
> I have most of the menufiles in /usr/lib/menu, but I can drop extra files
> into /etc/menu (and I believe ~/.menu but I haven't bothered with that) and
> they get merged into the menu system.
>   Probably conflicts should be resolved by the user's setting overriding the
> system settings (I might want my Eterms running with --trans --shade even if the
> system menu runs them opaquely.)

This feels like a good way to do things. Then, the system menu editor app
would function for any user, with the implicit understanding that you're
operating on your local menu and not the system menu.

Perhaps the issue of not wanting system menu stuff cluttering your menu
could be resolved by having the menu editor (or the intrepid vi user if
you wish) create a .desktop entry with the same name and in the same place
in the hierarchy with a command to hide the menu entry.

So, if you are wanting to hide netscape from the applications menu, you
create a Netscape.desktop in ~/.gnome/apps/applications that says
[Desktop entry]

or something to that effect. :)

Then when the menu building code scans the .desktop files to build the
menu, if it finds two entries with the same name in the same place, it
gives precedence to the one in ~/.gnome/apps and processes the hide
commands if appropriate.

I'd take a hack at it if I could get X to stop crashing my system.. damn
development kernels.. :)


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