Re: gnome-games rpm problem

Gleef wrote:
> is in glib-1.1.11-1.i386.rpm

Ok I did that.

> is in gnome-libs-0.98.1-1.i386.rpm

I take it that that .98 should be a .99.  It won't let me install
I get all sorts of conflicts to .99.2
> Both are in the 0.99.1 directory on the FTP site.  Make sure to install
> them with "rpm -ivh <package file>", so that both the older and newer
> versions will be present.  Using -Uvh will wipe out the other version.
> If you are not on an i386 machine, you're better off rebuilding the
> gnome-games SRPM than building the older glib and gnome-libs SRPMs.

I might try that.  

Should't the dependencies take care of these problems??  Sounds like a
dependice bug to me.

Kevin Atkinson

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