[ollerot usa net: Re: Question about gnome-terminal]

On Mon, Jan 11, 1999 at 10:39:18AM -0500, raster@redhat.com wrote:

> ->  Using E, if I start gnome-terminal on Desktop 0 and move it to Desktop 1,
> ->  then choose Terminal->New Terminal, the new Terminal runs back to Desktop
> ->  0.  I believe this is because desktop 0 is the root window and gnome_app
> ->  assumes its parent to be the parent the application was started on. First,
> ->  is this a correct analysis?  Second, is there any way to fix this behavior
> ->  so the window comes up on the current desktop?
> by default it shoudl unless the ap specifically requests to come up on
> desktop X
> do an xprop on the newly popped up window... check gnome terminal code
> to see if it's explicitly calling some of the set desktop calls.
> is this recent?

I have the same problem with Wanda The Fish. :)

Ciao, Andrea

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