Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

"Mark R. Bowyer" <> writes:

> Back on topic guys, and RTFM mark II...
> Rather than running every other program through esd and moaning about possible 
> latency, try starting it as "esd -as 2" instead - either/or will do.
> This tells esd to let go off the sound port if it's not been asked to do 
> anything in the last 2 seconds.  2 is my own taste, chose your own if you wish.
> Thus, all my old scripts and apps that try to play sounds when they do something 
> still work.  I still hear "Yeah, thanks" (Chris Morris, for the Brits out there 
> who know who he is) when I get email.  At *worst* this is 2 seconds behind when 
> it should have played *if* I was messing with something that asked esd to play a 
> sample at the exact same moment.  I wouldn't be doing that if I was playing 
> Quake (I *don't* do that while I'm playing quake - the other guys here frag me 
> too often when I'm *concentrating*), so I hear no latency or lag.
> Solution?

Probably better would be to change your scripts to use esdplay, or
symlink whatever command they use to play sounds to point to esdplay.
Then the sample will play on time, and if another (esd-using) program
wants to play a sound before the other one finishes it'll be able to.

Andrew Smith

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