Re: esound on Solaris

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Brian Kurotsuchi wrote:

> I'm going through the process of compiling the source and have got up to
> control-center.  Since Esound isn't supposed to work on Solaris, what do I do?
> The configure script sounds like it is going to skip the relevant things, but
> the make fails badly because the configure script did not create many of the
> Makefiles (presumably because it couldn't find ESD).
> I'm working off of the 0.99.0 sources.
> What's the trick?

First, you probably need newer versions of the sources, the 0.99.2
release is out already, and there have been many bug fixes even since
0.99.2 came out.  You might want snapshot tarballs from

Second, all the GNOME stuff except for programs explicitly requiring sound
should work without ESD.  Yes, configure complains if it isn't there, but
everything should build properly and without anything calling for sound.

If you don't get the Makefiles, I'm sure configure is putting out error
messages, post them here and we can try to figure out what's going wrong.


PS: In case you haven't seen it enough times, apparently ESD works just
fine on Solaris :-)

PPS: Installing ESD it probably won't get control-center to work for you,
but it might make it easier to recognize the error if you got the esd
warnings out of the way.

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