Re: Where is imlib 1.9?

In message <>, Miguel de Icaza 
| > If I do a ./ on gnome-libs I get a warning configure could not
| > find imlib 1.9, but I cannot find it either, I mean a CVS checkout gives
| > me 1.8.2. Gnome-libs compile fine anyway, but did I miss anything?
| Imlib 1.9 is on a branch in cvs, you want to pull the "dynamic-imlib"
| branch if you want this.

I think you missed the point:  *CVS gnome-libs* claims to want it.  Is 
gnome-libs jumping the gun or is imlib 1.9 supposed to be available for use 
now?  Or are we supposed to be sticky-tagging gnome-libs to get the stable 

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