Re: GDM still broken

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Burrows <> writes:

Daniel> Ok, I can see gdmgreeter now.  But when I enter a name and
Daniel> password, instead of starting an X session for me, gdm just
Daniel> restarts.  This happens even if I enter an incorrect password
Daniel> (in which case I assume I should see a message about
Daniel> "incorrect password")

I can't reproduce this.

Could you please try running a strace -p <pid of gdmgreeter> before
logging in and mail me the output? (Don't post it to the list. Your
password might be in there ;)

Daniel> Another oddity is that my config file doesn't seem to be being
Daniel> parsed; I altered the welcome message but the greeter still
Daniel> says "Welcome to Gnome".  (for that matter, shouldn't "Welcome
Daniel> to %h" expand to "Welcome to palantir" since the hostname is
Daniel> palantir?)

If your HOSTNAME environment variable is not set gdmgreeter uses
``Gnome'' as fallback.


Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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