Re: Odd behavior of panel applets on 2.2.0pre6

On Tue, Jan 12, 1999 at 12:59:11PM +0100, Martin Baulig was heard to say:
> I'm currently running 2.2.0pre4 on my machine and it works without problems
> for me - if it fails with 2.2.0pre6 and worked before this is probably the
> kernel causing problems and we should perhaps wait for the "real" 2.2.0 one
> to be released or at least until 2.2.0pre7.
> Sorry, I'm very busy until Jan 20 (next Wednesday) so I can't have a more
> detailed look at this.
> Martin

  This is the first devel kernel I've used, so I'm afraid I can't say
what was happening with the other ones.


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