Odd behavior of panel applets on 2.2.0pre6

  I switched to 2.2.0pre6 yesterday and noticed a couple of strange behaviors
on the part of the panel applets:

  - The network load applet seems to not have a scale of kilobytes anymore; when
  I booted for the first time with this kernel, I had to change the scale for
  the horizontal bars from the default (2, I believe) to 512 in order to see
  the load (the bars were getting in the way)

  - Yesterday the memload applet seemed to have stopped pausing inbetween
  updates; it was scrolling almost too fast to see the height change.  It's
  working today though. (This might not be a 2.2.0 thing, I think I rebuilt
  from CVS and maybe that fixed it)

  Hope this is useful,


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