Re: Odd behavior of panel applets on 2.2.0pre6

Daniel Burrows <> writes:

>   I switched to 2.2.0pre6 yesterday and noticed a couple of strange behaviors
> on the part of the panel applets:
>   - The network load applet seems to not have a scale of kilobytes anymore; when
>   I booted for the first time with this kernel, I had to change the scale for
>   the horizontal bars from the default (2, I believe) to 512 in order to see
>   the load (the bars were getting in the way)
>   - Yesterday the memload applet seemed to have stopped pausing inbetween
>   updates; it was scrolling almost too fast to see the height change.  It's
>   working today though. (This might not be a 2.2.0 thing, I think I rebuilt
>   from CVS and maybe that fixed it)

Did this work for you with 2.2.0pre4 or any other recent 2.1.x kernel ?

I'm currently running 2.2.0pre4 on my machine and it works without problems
for me - if it fails with 2.2.0pre6 and worked before this is probably the
kernel causing problems and we should perhaps wait for the "real" 2.2.0 one
to be released or at least until 2.2.0pre7.

Sorry, I'm very busy until Jan 20 (next Wednesday) so I can't have a more
detailed look at this.


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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