Re: Newbie Library Question

> I'm a total newbie at all this so please understand.  My question is

Hey, we all once were. ;) (And sometimes even feel like we still are, 
there's just plain too many stuff for one to understand)

> about the various libraries like glib and gtk+ that certain 
> require.  If I have a version, say, 1.1.9 and install 1.1.12, can I
> uninstall the version 1.1.9?  If so, how do you do this?  I just did a

DPKG does this automatically.

> locate libglib and here's the results:

> As you can see, I have several different versions.  Do I need all 
> versions?

If it was in a single .deb file, trust the package maintainer, you do.

> Thanks.

> Scott Abbott

Christian Lavoie

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