Re: Linux/Alpha show-stopper

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > GNOME apps (tried gnome-help-browser, gnumeric and gnome-stones)
> > call __syscall_poll in libc when idle.  (Tested by 'ddd ap', run, and
> > repeat interrupt/cont; GNOME apps are *always* interrupted in
> > __syscall_poll, others *never* there.)  I think this may be why GNOME
> > apps take a full load point each and others don't.
> It seems to me like an idle handler has been setup and it is being
> invoked repeatedly.
> This is the first bug report of this kind I have seen.  It might be
> due to a problem in your libraries.
> Which OS are you running, which versions of the gnome components are
> you running?

Linux 2.1.125, glibc- (RedHat 5.1), binutils; glib/gtk+
1.1.12 with gtk-engines 0.1, ORBit 0.3.91, gnome-libs/-core/libgtop 0.99.2
all from tarballs.

> Could you try to figure out which routines are being invoked
> internally?

Um, how do I do that?  gprof?  (As I said, I'm kind of a novice in this
kind of thing. :-)


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