Re: Linux/Alpha show-stopper

> GNOME apps (tried gnome-help-browser, gnumeric and gnome-stones)
> call __syscall_poll in libc when idle.  (Tested by 'ddd ap', run, and
> repeat interrupt/cont; GNOME apps are *always* interrupted in
> __syscall_poll, others *never* there.)  I think this may be why GNOME
> apps take a full load point each and others don't.

It seems to me like an idle handler has been setup and it is being
invoked repeatedly.  

This is the first bug report of this kind I have seen.  It might be
due to a problem in your libraries.

Which OS are you running, which versions of the gnome components are
you running?

Could you try to figure out which routines are being invoked


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