FW: gwp.word.processor.0.3.2.released

> Will it be a lpr replacement?
> It is really nice to lpr stuff.txt or whatever from the console. Will
> gnome print work from the console?
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> > Any reason to have Gnome Print separate from the general lp stuff?  This
> > sorts of feels like reinventing the wheel, but I wasn't in the
> > discussions.  
> Gnome Print is a printing API for applications not a replacement for
> any printer setup in your system.  There is nothing like this
> available in the Unix world (besides an "we output Postscript"
> answer). 
> It implements an imaging model similar to Postscript (the details are
> on the December Linux Gazette).  Currently it only supports Postscript
> output, but will soon have special drivers for other printers (the
> rasterization will be provided by Raph Levien's libart_lgpl code).
> So, it is not an lpr wrapper, it is something that has been missing
> from Unix for a long time.
> Miguel.
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