Announce: gnome-print 0.0.3

This is to announce version 0.0.3 of gnome-print. It is needed for
building either of the Gnome word processors, gwp and go. The sources
can be downloaded from:

This version of gnome-print is fairly sparse in its functionality, but
should be more or less stable. The gnome-print api is an abstraction
over (currently) the PostScript imaging model. At present, the only
back-end implementing this api is a simple wrapper over
PostScript. Future extensions will include the full libart imaging
model (complete with alpha transparency) and more back-ends, including
both from and to the Gnome Canvas. I'm also working on a unicode-based
text subsystem, the beginnings of which can be seen in the present

In spite of the present sparseness of the package, it provides some
useful functionality and is useful for unifying some configuration
issues within Gnome, especially fonts. The code is reasonably
intelligent about installing Type1 fonts, and does quite a good job
about automatically downloading the fonts to the printer when

In conclusion, it is reasonable for Gnome apps that print to use this
module. The other main choice down the road will be to print directly
from a canvas. The latter functionality is _not_ scheduled for the 1.0
release of the gnome libraries, however.


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