Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> mpg123 supports esd directly. "make linux-esd"
> replay supports esd directly, configure should detect it.
> emusic supports esd directly, configure should detect it.
> x11amp works under the esddsp wrapper: esddsp x11amp
> You don't need esddsp to get mpg123 to work, as mpg123 supports esd natively.
> Magic trick with esd, mpg123 with esd support will work even if the esd server 
> isn't running, as it'll fall back to the local audio device if no server is found.
> Do try this at home. =)
> A lot of times we get the same questions over, and over, and over...
> It makes us a little edgy sometimes.

I know :-) you guys get many questions and many of them or RTFM-able (
sic ) and repetious, for this reason I usually do my homework prior to
inquiry. I do think,however, it gets annoying when people suggest we don't
the work the developers do, when nothing is further from the truth, or 
there is  some feeling of being viewed as a 'second class citizen' for
not being
able to contribute viable working code, for whatever reason, at this
Thanks for clearing me up  on mpg123. And once again thanks to yourself,
Raster, Mandrake,
all the Gnome developers, who do such a tremendous service for ALL of us.
I know you know it, but still--ocasionally I feel it should be said.
If I _could_code with the skill you guys do I'd be contributing myself  
but, frankly, my coding skills aren't quite there yet. ( Though I'm
learning.( Slowly) ). ( Ricdude: Thanks also for sending the
config.c patch my way.)


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